DAS History

Detroit Art Space first opened it's doors to the public on the eve of Dec. (?)th 2001.  The Art Space began with Mildred Thibodeaux, a well known Detroit fabric artist, wanting to have a place that would both showcase the world class avante garde jazz that she had grown up with and commemorate the spirit of her long time companion Donald J Roberts, a respected sociology professor at Wayne State University and avid supporter of the arts in Detroit.


To that end she began Detroit Art Space a home to uncompromising creative music and art in Detroit. The Art Space was run by the incomparible Hakim Jami and his Street Band for the first six months it existed. Comprised of

Jami on Bass/Violin   

    Faruq Z Bey on Sax  

  SkeeterShelton on sax

with a revolving cast of characters on drums, the Street Band (as they called themselves) played every weekend. Sadly, cutting edge avant garde jazz does not pay the all of the bills and Hakim moved on to greater success in NYC and beyond.


At which point the Art Space took a decisive turn and, with the help of some friends, became home to the best in up and coming experimental electronic, punk, indie, noise and creative improvised music. Showcasing new and established acts with a desire to retain the intimacy, enthusiasm and urgency of music, film and art in a good-sized underground venue.

To date it has been our privelige to host some of the most exciting acts performing around the world today. Some of our favorites have been mind blowing experiences. Some others have been mystifying in an other way all together. Whatever it is we're always happy to be here so it can happen.


- Benjamin M Hernandez, 2004
Director, Detroit Art Space



To date we have hosted shows for;


Lightning Bolt, Mammal, Viki, Emil Beaulieau, Damo Suzuki's Network, Pole, Jeff Karolski, Frank Pahl and the Scavenger Quartet, Persona, Roy Campbell,Chris Cutler, Tara Jane O'Neil, Mirah, Calvin Johnson and Dub Narcotic Sound System, Human Eye, the Piranhas, Wolf Eyes, Easy Action, 25 Suaves, Japanther, Costes, Prurient, the Demolition Doll Rods, the Wrangler Brutes, White Devil, Panicsville, James Blood Ulmer Revelation Ensemble (feat; the Street Band and led by Hakim Jami), Dub is a Weapon, Xiu Xiu, David Grubbs, To Live and Shave in LA, Necronomitron, Johnny X and the Groadies (sort of), Hella, the Tyrades, Sunn O))), thee Snuff Project, Tight Phantomz, Lee Marvin Computer Arm, Tentacle Lizardo (and the Trolls), We March, Tarantism, Ntx + Electric (Indian Jewelry), Wildly Different, Magas, Perspects, Tamion 12 Inch, Les Georges Leningrad, Shoplifting, Kinski w/ Kawabata, Misty (and the Ultimate Lovers), Dabenport, M Sord, Manishevitz, Immigrant Suns, Gravytrain !!!, the Tingle Tangle Menagerie, Cat Time, the Heavy Pedal Bicycle Rodeo, Occasional Detroit, Cex,Make Believe, Growing, Paik, Little Miss Led and the Pussy Patrol, This Moment in Black History (Cleveland rocks!), Evol, Accelera Deck, UrDog,Owen, Old Time Relijun, Ovah!, Happy Mothers Day,i can't read, Black Sand Desert, Marco Eneidi, Gunter Hampbell trio, Mick Vranich (and K9),Soft Location, An Albatross, Warren Defever, Dare Diablo, Black Eyes, the Faux, the Chromatics, Whiskey Tenor, the LSdudes, Bunnyhug,Judah Johnson (and Daniel), Doc Roun Cee and the Blackman, Soul Clique, Mwata Bowden and Sound Spectrum, Douglas Ewart,ECFA (feat; Carl M Smith of Austin, Tx.), Fred Thomas and saturday Looks Good To Me, Eastern Seaboard Trio, the Electric Bear and Princess Dragon Mom, Terror at the Opera, Windy and Carl (thanx guys), Detroit City Council, the Shanks, Animal Collective, Extreme Animals, Cock E.S.P., Stinking Lizevetta, P W Long, Thomas Fehlman, Ultradyne, the Nova Men, LegoWelt, Orgue Electronique, the Witches, UVU, Mid Life Vacation, Kristin Forbes, Thunderbirds are Now!


and a bunch more I can't or don't want to remember any more .....




here is a precise History of Past Shows