Freezepop (Boston electro popsters hit the DAS)

ECFA (Carl M Smith's ongoing project in creative improvised music)

Antennas Erupt (of Sacramento, Ca. impressive hard bop free jazz)

PAIK & Beyonder records (Detroit heavy psyche rock)

BunnyHug (after the TYRADES, our 2nd favorite band from Chicago)

Occasional Detroit (OD, our favorite band)

Jonny X and the Groadies (Ben's favorite band from Oregon)

Easy Action (Detroit's baddest band the main photo was taken at the DAS)

Immigrant Suns & Phonetic records (RIP)

Frank Pahl (World Class avant garde toy rock)

Costes (save yourself, don't look!)

the Piranhas (Detroit art damaged punk extremists)

the Ultimate Lovers (RIP)
Sun City Girls (the best band EVER)

Caroliner Rainbow (the only band there EVER was)

Thunderbirds are Now!

the Witches (Detroit's most underrated band)

the Corndawg (traveling troubabdour extroardinary)

Stinking Lizavetta (the best "undiscovered" band in America)

Old Time Relijun (one of the finest bands in America today)

Lingua Franca ( freak indie version of Ton Waites from Flint, MI)

the Cyclecide Heavy Pedal Bicycle Rodeo from SF, CA

Stormy records (Windy and Carl's store in Dearborn)
Idle Kids (indie punk DIY record store and concert venue)
Simulated Net (music forum and home to Gravitar, Persona, Bogue, the Bracken/Cook duo, etc ...)

Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (home to Douglas Ewart, Kalaparush, Malachai Favors, Mwata Bowden, etc.)

Earcandy List (MI avant garde, music & event listings)

10 Eastern (home to Cat Time, LSDudes, c3 and others)

Motor City Brewing Works Detroit (our benefactors)

Detroit Rock Movie (clips of cheap Detroit music doc made by the DAS' Ben Hernandez in '99)

WHFR 89.3 FM on the Campus of HFCC Dearborn, MI

WDET 101 .9 FM on the Campus of WSU Detroit, MI


American Recording Productions (Detroit area musician, Ara Topouzian's great world music label)

Ersatz Audio (Home of Tamion 12", Adult., Le car, etc..)

Animal Disguise (Home of Mammal, Viki, MidLife Vacation, etc..)

Hanson records (Home of Wolf eyes, Andrew WK, Smegma, Beast People, Kevin Drumm, etc...)

Scratch n Sniff Entertainment (Home to Viki, Panicsville, Mommy Won' Wake Up, etc...)

time Stereo (His Name Is Alive, PDM, Aube, Electric Bear, etc ...)

Bulb records (the best label ever, home to Wolf Eyes, Forcefield, Mind Flayer, Quintron, 25 Suaves, etc...)

Load records (home to Lightning Bolt, Necronomitron, Total Shut Down, usaisamonster, Kites, etc...)

K records (Home to Old Time relijun, Dub Narcotic, etc..)

Entropy Stereo (Detroit based label, home to Faruq Z Bey, Griot Galaxy, Luc Houtkamp, the Northwoods Improvisors, etc...)

Strange Attractors Audio House (Paik, SubArachnoid Space, Damo Suzuki & Cul De Sac, etc ...)

Absolutely Kosher (eccentric indie home to Xiu Xiu, the Dead Science, Frog Eyes, and many more ...)

Roy Brooks Is finally out of jail !!!!
get a little info and download some of Roy's tunes

Jerome Ferretti (Detroit master artists)

Photo Albums
old photos from the DAS

New photos from the DAS

old fliers from the DAS