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the Eastern Seaboard

The Eastern Seaboard are a phenomenol NYC based trio who have played at the DAS at least 3 times. They are akin to an indie punk free jazz outfit, constantly touring. These tracks were recorded live on their first visit. They played after a Faruq Z Bey ensemble. Eastern Seaboard is Brent Bagwell: sax & clarinet, Jordon Schrantz: bass & Seth Nanaa: drums.(click left or right for 2 tracks of audio)

3 Axes

Primarily a recording project in their early days at DAS, the 3 Axes were Faruq Z Bey, Michael Carey and Skeeter Shelton on various flutes and horns. The tracks presented here were recorded in one afternoon sometime in '02 by Don Thibodeaux. The words on the second track were performed and composed by Faruq Z Bey himself.(click left or right for 2 tracks of audio)

In Door Park In Door Park is a Detroit area duo consisting of Jon Moshier on drums and electronics with Nick Schillace on guitars. They play music that is often categorized as "post rock". It's instrumental, atmospheric and usually quite lovely. They have played at DAS often, since the very early days and despite their fussy ways we still like them enough to record them. (click image for audio)


Occasional Detroit

Occasional Detroit is an ever evolving cast of characters creating, in their own words, "Experimental Hip Rock". The central character of the (O-D) experience is Beyababa. Their shows are unpredictable theatrical free-improv experiments with beats. They are from Ypsilanti, MI and only play in Detroit occasionally. (click image for audio)

the John Bardy trio

John Bardy and Ray Echlin live in LA. Both are from Detroit. Matt Blake lives in Detroit. Ray and John were back in town for one reason or another so the three got together and played a few shows during the Summer of '03. These songs, "Wishbone" & "Desiree", were written by John (guitar, harmonica, voice) w/ Matt on drums & Ray on the string bass. They were recorded on different nights by different people. (click right or left for 2 tracks of audio)
the Ultimate Lovers the Ultimate Lovers was the brief but fruitful union of Mr. James Ohio and one Eric Dean. The two rocked it in a simple and straightforward manner that seemed affected and awkward. Often drawing comparisons to another popular Detroit 2 piece with whom they shared stylistic similarities. To which a stunned Ohio would reply "I don't know why people say that? We're obviously ripping off the Flat Duo Jets, not Bantam Rooster". Jimmy now plays with Matt Blake as Misty. (click image for audio)
the Dusk The Dusk is Detroit's NYC No Wave band. And they blow damn near every NYC band I've had to sit through off the stage. We asked the Weedon Bros. and a few of their friends to come in one Saturday evening, when we didn't have anything going on, and record some songs live. So they came in, we set up some mics, and they recorded a handful of songs in front of about 5 people. This is the only take we recorded of the song "Fucked in Advance". (click image for audio)
the Trolls The Trolls showed up one night when the Clone Defects couldn't make it. They played with This Moment in Black History and LA's the Starvations on a Monday night. They quickly became one of our favorite local acts. Many a riotous crowd was whipped into a bloody frenzy by the Trolls. It got so the kids started putting fake blood on their shirts just to fit in. Suffice it to say the Trolls really jibed with our scene. We recorded "Attack of the Evil Mermaids" at, what turned out to be, their last show (as the Trolls). (click image for audio)
White Devil White Devil is Nathan Savino. Espousing a philosophy of mysanthropy over a pummeling beat is what he appears to do. Often miscategorized as "noise" (those kids tend to hate him). Rock audiences are left bewildered and perplexed by this angry man "making noise and screaming". The music has been referred to as "sparse, relentless" and "alienated". The truth? Who's to say? Often a masque of rage hides a veil of tears ... and that's a pretty picture. Like a car crash or a train wreck seen from 60 miles per hour. (click image for audio)

Wildly Different

Wildly Different was the collaborative project of Viki and Tamion 12 Inch's B Kerry. Always living up to their name, their shows were given to bouts of campy chaos amidst the thunder and bump of musical brilliance. These 2 tracks were recorded on Saturday May 15th 2004 for Ben's birthday. (click left or right for 2 tracks of audio)


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